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 Revamping my teams.

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PostSubject: Revamping my teams.   Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:53 pm

Hey there. I know I battled a couple of you guys using 2 passes in single battles: My mono-ground team and My hoenn team. Now the problem is although those 2 are powerful (especially in 6 vs 6) I barely ever win on random wi-fi with them. The reason is they each have obvious weaknesses that can be abused by OUs and Ubers. Now, I checked on them and spotted the 2 pokemon that I never get use of. Somehow, they just dont fit their roles, which is why I want to remove Sandslash and Mightyena from my teams. I'll use them on some other pass some time in the future, of course. I want you guys to tell me what you think of this.

Now, here's the deal.

For my ground team, I was thinking torterra could be an asset. Evs: 252 in attack. 158 in speed and 100 in hp. Adamant nature

-Rock polish
-Seed Bomb/Wood hammer

Item: I was thinking a life orb or maybe yache berry. Salac berry is also taken in consideration.

explanation: Usually, my nidoking reigenleif can deal with pretty much any frail water types using thunderbolt. However, I come to a stp whenever my team encounters swampert, lanturn, suicune, lapras or vaporeon. If they do manage to beat them, its usually at the expense of many lives. (sniff) Torterra with rock polish should pretty much be able to obliterate these..."problems" my team may meet online.
Block isnt just a gimmicky move...sorta. Block would allow me to stop pokemon poisoned by nidoqueen from fleeing, and force weak pokemon on the field while I set up.
Eq is an obvious choice here, but I'm still not sure which of seed bomb or wood hammer I should use.

For my hoenn team, I thought removing Mightyena for Camerupt would be ideal. Evs: 240 hp. 144 def 126 sp.def Modest nature

-Fire Blast/flamethrower
-Earth Power

item: chesto berry

explanation: The hoenn team's problem is that its only reliable defence is jirachi (dream cast) and his moveset doesnt allow it to shrug off leech seeders and other grass typed threat. (bulky grasses, yeah I know)I had venusaur specifically in mind here. Anyway, I had enough physical attackers already, and camerupt would really better my team's type coverage.

So thats about it, looking forward to your recommendations.
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PostSubject: Re: Revamping my teams.   Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:21 am

To be honest Dark I was about to ask about Block on Torterra but your explanation makes sense to use it. If you are using life orb I would go with Seed bomb since both recoils will knock Torterra's HP down quick. Other than that I like the ideas. awesome man.
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Revamping my teams.
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