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 A new boss. Murkrow > Honchkrow. Little Cup movepool.

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PostSubject: A new boss. Murkrow > Honchkrow. Little Cup movepool.   Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:35 am

After close analysis and the realization that Murkrow has a much higher speed stat than Honchkrow, with a decent attack stat and a movepool to boot, it could become quite the threat. But unfortunately, Murkrow's movepool is what really limits it. Whilst it does get some interesting options in STAB Sucker Punch, Taunt, Pursuit and Psycho Shift, it's generally going to be relatively predictable. However, it's a potent powerhouse, and is capable of doing damage to any team. Murkrow's general reliance on Sucker Punch to do lots of damage means that using Murkrow can involve quite a lot of prediction. If you don't mind that, Murkrow is a fantastic choice.

All-out attacker set

Murkrow @ Life orb / Choice Band
Ability: Insomnia
Nature: Hasty
EVs: 236 Atk / 192 Spd / 36HP / 24 SpD OR 236 Atk/192 Spd/36HP/24 SpD (Murkrow, with base 91 speed, actually hits its max at 192 Spd EVs with HP Fighting, not 236.)

-Sucker Punch
-Drill Peck / Brave Bird / Pluck
-Dark Pulse/Pursuit
-Hidden Power [Fighting]

Why this set?
Murkrow makes a decent Choice Bander, with the focus of the set being on the incredibly useful STAB Sucker Punch. Pursuit nails things trying to flee from your Sucker Punch, whilst Drill Peck is Murkrow's next best physical move, gets STAB and surprisingly good coverage with Dark, as few steels are viable for Little Cup play. Hidden Power Fighting in the last slot is for coverage purposes; Murkrow doesn't get any other good physical moves, and it hits two of the resists of Murkrow's STAB attacks (Aron and Shieldon) for 4x, as well as Larvitar and Magnemite for Super Effective. Life Orb eases up your prediction woes if you're not overly keen on the idea of being locked into Sucker Punch or Pursuit; which can unfortunately make Murkrow easy set-up bait for the likes of Cranidos. Pluck is recommended over Drill Peck due to the prevalence of berries in the Little Cup; if you can steal an Oran Berry from the likes of Bronzor, or, even better, a Salac Berry which could allow a sweep. I could recommend using Pluck with Life Orb and Drill Peck with Choice Band; the lesser consistency of Pluck makes it an inferior option on a Choiced set, whilst stealing a Salac or Liechi boost would be of much more value on a set where you have the freedom to switch attacks.

Why these EVs?

Murkrow will pretty much always benefit most from Attack and Speed; despite doing most damage with a priority move, defensive EVs aren't going to make much of a difference at all, and a quick Drill Peck would be useful for the likes of Gastly, Ponyta and Misdreavus, who might not go for the quick kill. 192 Speed is required to achieve this taking the 30 IV required for Hidden Power Fighting into account. 236 EVs will max out your attack; from there you can either stick the rest in SpA (If you are running a mixed set) or, if running a purely physical set,you can put 36 in HP and the rest in SpD to get a bonus point in each stat.

Rate (:
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PostSubject: Re: A new boss. Murkrow > Honchkrow. Little Cup movepool.   Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:27 am

My favorrite Pokemon is Honchkrow in fact, so I love your idea, I think that this is awesome!
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A new boss. Murkrow > Honchkrow. Little Cup movepool.
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