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 First Proposal For The Unevolved Colosseum

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KingDon 9162

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PostSubject: First Proposal For The Unevolved Colosseum   Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:40 am

Alright guys here it is. The proposal for our first Colosseum. Once approved we will begin accepting applicants for the Unevolved Colosseum with the others to follow.

Unevolved Colosseum:

Level 50 all: For PBR users, the trainer will always host. Set your battle style to level 50 all. All Unevolved Colosseum battles will take place in Sunny Park Colosseum.

PBR and DS: The Unevolved Colosseum will offer both PBR and DS battles. For instance, trainer #1 may be DS, trainer #2 may be PBR, trainer #3 may be DS and so forth.

Rules: Master Ball Rules.
Two of the same kind of Pokemon cannot enter battle.
Pokemon with the same items cannot enter battle.
You cannot put more than two Pokemon to sleep.
You cannot freeze more than two Pokemon.
If all Pokemon faint because of Seldestruct or Explosion, the Pokemon who performed the move loses.
If performed by the last Pokemon, Perish Song and Destiny Bond will always fail.

Continues: Each challenger will begin with 8 continues. Each time a challenger loses to a trainer he/she may use a continue. Once he/she uses all their continues they must begin again.

Battle Style: Either singles or doubles. Once a challenger chooses a battle style he/she must follow that battle style all the way through the challenge. If a challenger uses up all their continues and starts over he/she may switch battles styles but must keep that style for the rest of that challenge.

Number of trainers: The Unevolved Colosseum will have 6 regular trainers, 1 semi-final trainer, and 1 final trainer for a total of eight trainers.

Communication: Although we hope all challengers will have integrity, it is necessary for there to be some form of communication for continuity and fairness. Therefore each Final Trainer will act as a Gym Leader of sorts. He/She will be responsible for maintaing open communications with all the trainers in the Colosseum. Each challenger must notify the Final Trainer of their challenge. Each trainer will notify the Final Trainer that the battle has taken place and if it was a win or loss. The Final Trainer can therefore keep track of the continues. Should the challenger defeat the Final Trainer he/she must notify me(KingDon) so that the prize can be awarded.

Recording: Each trainer will try to record every challenge. Each battle will be posted on Youtube and on the StormMamba Forums.

Prize: Egg hatched Phione (level 1) with a Lum Berry. I changed this, it fits in better themeatically with idea of a "little colosseum.

The next Post will have all the eligible Pokemon for the Unevolved Colosseum. Please make any suggestions or comments you feel necessary and we will try to incorporate them in as best we can. After this we move to the applications and knock out battle so we can open up the Colosseum.

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PostSubject: Re: First Proposal For The Unevolved Colosseum   Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:17 pm

Wow, awesome, this is great, just great, we have started on a long journey back to awesomeness, can't wait!
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KingDon 9162

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PostSubject: Re: First Proposal For The Unevolved Colosseum   Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:37 pm

I hope so Yoda that's the idea, if everyone approves we should have the knock out battles started by next week. See you there m'man.
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PostSubject: Re: First Proposal For The Unevolved Colosseum   

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First Proposal For The Unevolved Colosseum
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