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 Official Rules Thread

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PostSubject: Official Rules Thread   Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:03 pm

1) We wish for these forums to be a safe environment for all ages so please refrain from any cussing, swearing or crude comments of any kind.

2) Respect others and their opinions. Do not criticize or "flame" anyone for stating an opinion.

3) Respect both higher AND lower ranks. Do not give administrators and moderators a rough time. For moderators and administrators, do not abuse your power.

4) Bullying will not be tolerated on these forums. If you are having any issues with bullying, please let an administrator or moderator know.

5) This is the most recent rule change. NO trolling! It is disrespectful and quite annoying to other members. Trolls will immediately be banned without hesitation!

6) Have to save the cheesy rule for last. HAVE FUN!


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Official Rules Thread
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