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 Draw Battle thread

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PostSubject: Draw Battle thread   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:33 am

This style of battle is new and created by Cmndrkool321. It is now for the Battle Frontier!

You select 14 Pokémon AND items . I will draw out of 15 cards (# 15 is a wildcard where you can select who you want in that spot) which order they will come out in AND what items the Pokémon will hold. No switching out or moves that can/will make you to switch out are forbidden. The banned moves I can think of are:

· Roar& Whirlwind

· U-Turn

· Spore & Yawn- Because its 100% chance of sleep, that’s cheap compared to other sleep moves that can miss!

· Toxic- since you cant switch, this will become a major problem because damage will increase.

· Encore- Somewhere down the line, this will be a problem. People will be trapped on a move purposely, and will not be able to attack

· Baton Pass

· Explosion & Self Destruct- kind of cheap if you have an entire team of these

· Destiny Bond- same as above

The Clauses are:

· Evasion Clause

· Item & same held item clause

· Uber Clause

· Entry hazard clause- people will spam this and use toxic spikes twice

· Species Clause

Here is how you post your 14 Pokemon and items to be used:


1. Lucario
2. Drapion
3. Torterra
4. Staraptor
5. Dugtrio
6. Raticate
7. Girafarig
8. Nidoking
9. Toxicroak
10. Gengar
11. Weezing
12. Sharpedo
13. Charizard
14. Lickilicky


1. Wise Glasses
2. Muscle Band
3. Choice Scarf
4. Wacan Berry
5. Soft Sand
6. Sitrus Berry
7. Shell Bell
8. Expert Belt
9. Liechi Berry
10. Focus Sash
11. Leftovers
12. Life Orb
13. Passho Berry
14. Lum Berry

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PostSubject: Re: Draw Battle thread   Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:09 pm

Sounds pretty interesting, I am on board with whatever you are gonna do cmndr!
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PostSubject: Re: Draw Battle thread   Tue Sep 07, 2010 4:14 am

ok ill give this a trie

porygon 2

choice scarf
choice band
focus sash
life orb
flame orb
zoom lens
scope lends
heat rock
muscle band
expert belt
lum berry
black glasses
white herb
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PostSubject: Re: Draw Battle thread   

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Draw Battle thread
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